Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hello HPA Parents and Friends!

HPA students and faculty have departed Lima and are en route to LA.

Their morning flight from LA is currently on time.  

Thank you for your support of this program, and please feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns (303-679-3412).

Maria Selde
Program Coordinator

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saying good-bye to Ollantaytambo

We all were amazed this morning at both NGO village visits.  One group had a chance to learn firsthand about weaving from indigenous ladies who showed us how they spin wool and also create beautiful textiles.  We even had a chance to weave our own bracelets.  The highlight however may have been dressing up in traditional clothing.  Another group went higher up the mountain and had a chance to use the posters they created in educating specifically on the importance of washing our hands and brushing our teeth.  From what I heard it was a lot of fun but also a challenge as not only are these not customary practices but speaking in Spanish to Quechua-speaking children can also be difficult.

When we returned back we observed how our lunch would be cooked in a similar style as a Hawaiian imu.  After an hour we joined back and shared a wonderful meal with host families on the community soccer field.  As you may guess, a lively soccer match ensued thereafter.  This time however, our team was about strong and we versed a World Leadership School group from Colorado that had about twenty students and four adults.

Before dinner tonight, we checked into what some might call the Ritz as it is a bit more comfortable.  A meaningful and very heartfelt final candle ceremony was shared.  This was an opportunity to think more about refining the experience down to a single thing we want to be sure we bring back with us.  Many students shared how they have a renewed sense of privilege and want to be more appreciative.  Afterwards we walked into town and ate wood-oven pizza after pizza.  Yum!  Several students closed out the night with a cafe bon bon (coffee with condensed milk)--not recommended by any of us adults.

The feeling is one of closure and yet we have a full day/night in Cuzco tomorrow.  Clearly everyone is looking forward to going back to Hawaii and yet, there are some mixed feelings as the group has grown close.  Peru and her people have definitely had a profound effect on us all.

Below are a few images from today.  Enjoy!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Just two more days in Ollantaytambo

Today our group split up and visited two NGOs.  Students selected where they preferred to specifically learn more.  One group stayed in town and learned more about the business end (marketing of products--website and blog but also finances and design).  The other NGO provided students a chance to drive up into a high village and shadow doctors as they did house visits.  You can see a few pictures below.  Tomorrow, both groups will head to a small community where they will both teach about hygiene (using posters students created this afternoon) and also will see sustainable business practices in action.

This afternoon we did a host of team building games (also can be seen in a few photos below).  Tonight is the last night with house families as tomorrow afternoon we will have a traditional dinner as a group (along with host families and the NGOs).  Then, we'll sleep all together in a hotel.  It's beginning to feel like the travel is coming to a close.  We've enjoyed hearing from several students how they've taken time on their own to journal their thoughts.  No doubt everyone will return having grown from the experience.

Machu Picchu

Let the images speak for themselves!!!! The kids were wonderful, on time, respectful and no one lost their passport! Who could ask for anything more!